Higher Density Tungsten Copper Alloy Round Bar WCu Rod

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JX
Certification: ISO
Model Number: Higher Density Tungsten Copper Alloy Round Bar WCu Rod 2021
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10kgs
Price: according to actual products
Packaging Details: standard packing
Delivery Time: 25days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 300kgs month

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Size: As Request Shape: As Request
Specification:: ISO9001: 2000 Delivery Time: 25days
Packing: Standard Exporting Name: Higher Density Tungsten Copper Alloy Round Bar WCu Rod 2021
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Tungsten Copper Alloy Round Bar


WCu Tungsten Copper Bar


Higher Density Tungsten Copper Bar

Product Description

Higher Density Tungsten Copper Alloy Round Bar WCu Rod 2021


Higher Density Tungsten Copper Alloy Round Bar WCu Rod 2021 has a wide range of uses, mainly used to make the contacts of high-voltage electrical switches that resist arc ablation, rocket nozzle throat linings, tail rudders and other high-temperature components, as well as electrodes for electrical machining, high-temperature molds and other Applications requiring electrical and thermal conductivity and high-temperature use.

1. Military high temperature resistant materials
Tungsten copper alloy is used in aerospace for missiles, rocket engine nozzles, gas rudders, air rudders, and nose cones. The main requirements are high temperature resistance (3000K~5000K) and high temperature resistance to air erosion. Copper is mainly used at high temperatures. The sweat cooling effect formed by volatilization (the melting point of copper is 1083°C), reduces the surface temperature of tungsten and copper, and ensures the use under high temperature conditions.

2. Electrical alloy for high voltage switch
Tungsten copper alloy is widely used in high-voltage switch 128kV SF6 circuit breaker WCu/CuCr, and high-voltage vacuum load switch (12kV 40.5KV 1000A), lightning arrester, high-voltage vacuum switch is small in size, easy to maintain, and has a wide range of applications. Use in flammable, explosive and corrosive environments. The main performance requirements are arc ablation resistance, fusion welding resistance, low cut-off current, low gas content, and low thermionic emission capability. In addition to the conventional macro performance requirements, porosity and microstructure performance are also required. Therefore, special processes are required, and complex processes such as vacuum degassing and vacuum infiltration are required.

Tungsten Copper Alloy Round Bar Chemical Composition :

Code No. Chemical Composition % Mechanical properties
CU Impurity W Density (g/cm3 ) Hardness HB RES( cm) Conductivity IACS/ % TRS/ Mpa
CuW(50) 50±2.0 0.5 Balance 11.85 115 3.2 54  
CuW(55) 45± 2.0 0.5 Balance 12.30 125 3.5 49  
CuW(60) 40±2.0 0.5 Balance 12.75 140 3.7 47  
CuW(65) 35±2.0 0.5 Balance 13.30 155 3.9 44  
CuW(70) 30±2.0 0.5 Balance 13.80 175 4.1 42 790
CuW(75) 25±2.0 0.5 Balance 14.50 195 4.5 38 885
CuW(80) 20±2.0 0.5 Balance 15.15 220 5.0 34 980
CuW(85) 15±2.0 0.5 Balance 15.90 240 5.7 30 1080
CuW(90) 10±2.0 0.5 Balance 16.75 260 6.5 27 1160
Tungsten Copper Alloy Round Bar Picture:
Higher Density Tungsten Copper Alloy Round Bar WCu Rod 0Higher Density Tungsten Copper Alloy Round Bar WCu Rod 1

Three, electrical machining electrode
Early EDM electrodes used copper or graphite electrodes, which were cheap but not resistant to ablation. Now they have basically been replaced by tungsten copper electrodes. The advantages of tungsten copper electrode are high temperature resistance, high temperature strength, arc ablation resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and fast heat dissipation. Applications are concentrated in electric spark electrodes, resistance welding electrodes and high-voltage discharge tube electrodes. Electro-processing electrodes are characterized by a wide range of varieties and specifications, small batches and large totals. The tungsten copper material used as the electrode for electro-processing should have the highest possible density and uniformity of the structure, especially the elongated rod-shaped, tubular and special-shaped electrodes.

Four, microelectronic materials
Tungsten copper electronic packaging and heat sink materials have both the low expansion characteristics of tungsten and the high thermal conductivity of copper. Its thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity can be changed by adjusting the composition of tungsten copper, thus providing more tungsten copper. Wide range of applications. Because tungsten copper material has high heat resistance and good thermal conductivity, and at the same time, it has a thermal expansion coefficient that matches with silicon wafers, gallium arsenide and ceramic materials, so it is widely used in semiconductor materials. Suitable for use with high-power device packaging materials, heat sink materials, heat dissipation components, ceramics and gallium arsenide



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