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Selection of cutting tool materials

November 14, 2022

Latest company case about Selection of cutting tool materials

Selection of cutting tool materials

At present, there are many kinds of materials suitable for cutting tools, including tool steel, cemented carbide, superhard materials, etc. Among them, although the price of ordinary high-speed steel tools is low, due to the high speed of the machine tool and insufficient strength, it is easy to cause the tool to break during the processing. Carbide is a newly developed tool material, suitable for roughing and finishing of most materials, including steel, cast iron, special materials and plastics. According to the processing characteristics of the material, the tool is required to have the following characteristics:

1. The hardness of the tool must be greater than that of the workpiece to be machined. Since the tool bears a large torsional force and axial force when machining the workpiece, it must have sufficient strength, hardness and toughness.

2. The tool material must have sufficient wear resistance, and the blade must be sharp enough during cutting, which can reduce work hardening.

3. Due to the high chemical properties of the workpiece, the affinity of the tool material is required to be poor, which can avoid the phenomenon of sticking the tool and breaking the drill caused by the diffusion of components.

latest company case about Selection of cutting tool materials  0latest company case about Selection of cutting tool materials  1

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