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How To Use Tungsten Heavy Alloy Drill Correctly

September 5, 2022

Latest company case about How To Use Tungsten Heavy Alloy Drill Correctly

Nowadays, the price of Tungsten Heavy Alloy is getting higher and higher. How to use tungsten heavy alloy for processing with low cost and high efficiency is the focus of our attention. First of all, choose a machine tool with high power and good rigidity that can be applied to CNC machine tools and machining centers. Secondly, choose the correct tool holder, such as hydraulic tool holder, side pressure tool holder and thermal expansion tool holder.Then, proper cooling treatment is required. For external cooling, attention should be paid to the combination of cooling directions, and the angle with the tool should be reduced as much as possible. The internal cooling drill should pay attention to the pressure and flow to prevent the leakage of coolant from affecting the cooling effect.

Last but not least, a proper drilling process is carried out. Drilling is mainly used to process holes with low quality requirements, such as bolt holes, threaded bottom holes, oil holes, etc. For example, when drilling cross holes (orthogonal holes or oblique holes), the feed should be reduced to 1/2-1/3 of the normal, and when the inclination of the drilling surface is >8-10°, it is not possible to drill. For holes with high requirements on machining accuracy and surface quality, it needs to be achieved by subsequent reaming, reaming, boring or grinding.

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