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Production Process and Molding Process of Molybdenum Bar

November 21, 2022

Latest company case about Production Process and Molding Process of Molybdenum Bar

The production process of molybdenum bars: powder mixing (mixing lubricants or other elements with raw materials evenly) - isostatic pressing of molybdenum powder (making metal molybdenum powder compact into a compact with a certain shape, size, porosity and strength) --Pre-sintering (making it have a certain strength and electrical conductivity, which is beneficial to high-temperature sintering)-Sintering (the powder blank is bonded between powder particles in an appropriate temperature and atmosphere, so that the powder shrinks and densifies, and enhances sintering Body strength.) - Subsequent machining - Finished molybdenum bars. Some molding processes are described below:

1. Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

It is a manufacturing method for manufacturing small precision molybdenum parts. Metal injection molding is to compress the mixed powder with lubricant in the rigid mold with axial pressure, and then sinter the green compact after it comes out. During the sintering process, the volume will shrink greatly. In order to ensure the shape and size after shrinkage, there are high requirements for binders and raw materials.

2. Hot isostatic pressing

It is one of the molding methods of molybdenum. High-temperature hot isostatic pressing has both pressing and sintering processes. Due to the medium effect of inert gas or molten metal to build up pressure, it is used to prepare large and complex molybdenum parts and blanks with a density close to the theoretical value. piece. The density and strength of the material are improved, and the powder is thermally consolidated into a dense product. The density of its products is higher, the grains are finer, and the performance is better.

3. Continuous rolling of metal powder

It is to feed the powder raw material directly into the special roller through a special hopper, and roll it into a continuous length of strip billet with a certain thickness and strength, and then pass through the sintering of the pre-sintering furnace continuously, and then pass through the second group , the third or more times of heating and rolling, and finally processed into a certain porosity or dense powder metallurgy molybdenum plate strip method.

4. Powder extrusion or wedge forming
It refers to a molding method in which the powder body or powder compact is extruded into a molybdenum block or molybdenum product through a specified die nozzle under the action of pressure. According to the different pressing conditions, it can be divided into cold extrusion method and hot extrusion method.

latest company case about Production Process and Molding Process of Molybdenum Bar  0latest company case about Production Process and Molding Process of Molybdenum Bar  1

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