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Heavy Tungsten Alloy Ball

July 24, 2023

Latest company case about Heavy Tungsten Alloy Ball

Heavy Tungsten Alloy Ball can be simply understood as a spherical appearance of tungsten alloy products, which can be used in missile weapons, armor piercing bullets, shotguns, oil logging, mobile phone vibrator, clock weight block, flywheel weight, mobile phone vibrator, engine weight and other mechanical equipment.

1. Processing technology

Die forming is a commonly used production process, that is, the capacity method is used to automatically press forming. The operation process is relatively simple, easy to achieve automatic pressing, but due to the limitation of the mold, the middle of the ball blank is equipped with a belt and the belt is prone to pressing cracks, mold wear more, the production efficiency of micro tungsten alloy balls is low. It can also be powder metallurgy process, which is to mix tungsten powder and nickel powder with binder, form blank ball after pressure forming and sintering, and then surface treatment to make light ball, and finally carry out quality detection again, after packaging.

2. Excellent performance

(1) A large proportion. Its density of 19.25g/cm3 is similar to that of gold (19.3g/cm3) and twice as high as lead, making it easier to achieve weight classification.

(2) More friendly to the ecological environment. Compared with heavy metal lead material, tungsten alloy ball is more suitable as a counterweight, because it is non-toxic and pollution-free.

(3) Good wear resistance. Even if it works for a long time, there will be no scratches or splits.

(4) Excellent machining performance. Compared with other alloy materials, tungsten alloy is easier to process, so the processing cost is relatively lower.

(5) Small volume expansion coefficient. Its volume is not easy to change significantly because of changes in the external ambient temperature, which will affect the performance.

Heavy Tungsten Alloy Ball in addition to the above advantages, there are higher melting temperature, better corrosion resistance, strong impact resistance, high elastic modulus, and has a very superior shielding effect on rays and other characteristics. Due to the superior physical and chemical properties in all aspects, tungsten alloy balls can be widely used in military, national defense, medical, electronics, digital, sports equipment and other fields.

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