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Tungsten Copper Alloy composites are commonly used in the field

August 29, 2023

Latest company case about Tungsten Copper Alloy composites are commonly used in the field

Tungsten Copper Alloy composites are commonly used in the field

Tungsten copper alloy is a tungsten based, adding a small amount of nickel, copper and molybdenum and other elements of the alloy, with high density, high strength, high hardness, good ductility and good electrical and thermal conductivity and other advantages, can be widely used in the national defense industry, aerospace industry, high temperature industry and other civil industries.

1. Vacuum switch electrical composite material

Due to its excellent electrical conductivity and arc ablation resistance, tungsten copper has been widely used in vacuum switchgear as an electrical contact. The electrical switch using tungsten copper contact has the advantages of small size, good performance, easy operation, easy maintenance, long service life, and can adapt to flammable, explosive, humid and corrosive environment, etc., and has become the leading switching appliance of medium and high voltage power grid or electrified railway.

2. Tungsten copper material for electroprocessing electrodes

Previously, copper material was often used as a processing electrode, although its low price and easy to use, it was not resistant to electrical spark ablation, resulting in large electrode consumption, poor processing accuracy, and the need for multiple processing. The use of tungsten copper electrode can not only provide the precision of the mold and parts to be machined, but also the electrode loss is small, the processing efficiency is high, and sometimes the product can be roughed and finished at one time.

3. Electronic packaging and heat sink materials

Tungsten-copper composite has high purity, compact structure, low thermal expansion coefficient and high conductivity and thermal conductivity coefficient, which is a good heat sink material in high power and large-scale integrated circuits. It has been widely used in the field of electronic engineering as inserts, connectors and cooling elements.

4. High-temperature components

Due to the high melting point of tungsten, tungsten copper material has excellent high temperature resistance. The principle is that when the gas temperature is close to or even exceeds the melting point of tungsten metal, a large amount of heat is absorbed due to the evaporation of the copper contained in it, which greatly reduces the surface area temperature of tungsten copper parts, so that it can withstand the high temperature environment that conventional materials can not tolerate. They are well suited for aerospace and defense applications such as rockets, aircraft engines, missile nozzles and gas rudders.

Tungsten copper alloy rod picture:
latest company case about Tungsten Copper Alloy composites are commonly used in the field  0


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