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Tungsten Rod

December 27, 2022

Latest company case about Tungsten Rod

Tungsten Rod

Tungsten Rod is a rare metal with a high melting point. Its melting point is the highest among all non-alloy metals. At the same time, tungsten has a very strong electrical conductivity and is often used to make tungsten wire. Tungsten Rod is widely used in modern technology in pure metal state and alloy state Among them, tungsten is an important strategic metal, but according to the current consumption, tungsten ore can only be used for about 140 years, and the recycling of tungsten can make up for the shortage of tungsten ore reserves to a certain extent.

At present, the global tungsten supply is mainly composed of two parts, one is the supply of newly produced tungsten concentrate, which accounts for about 76% of the total tungsten supply, of which 66% enters the final tungsten product, and 10% becomes waste in the production process Re-production. The other part comes from the recycling of secondary resources of tungsten, that is, the recycling and reuse of solid waste residues in the tungsten production process and end-consumer wastes, such as waste hard alloys, tungsten materials, alloy steels, tungsten contact materials and Chemical catalysts, etc., this part accounts for about 24%.

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With the continuous improvement of the recycling rate of tungsten secondary resources in various countries, the technology of tungsten resource recycling is also increasing. The common methods are mechanical crushing method, saltpeter method, zinc melting method, electrolysis method, leaching method, reduction method, roasting —Ammonia immersion method, etc. The recycling value of tungsten has good economic and environmental benefits. The tungsten content of recovered tungsten carbide/tungsten waste and scrap is higher than that of tungsten ore, especially sintered tungsten carbide, where the tungsten content is often higher than 90%. Extracting tungsten from tungsten carbide and other tungsten waste, compared with the extraction of tungsten ore, The production cost of the enterprise and the investment in wastewater treatment are reduced, and the pollution to the environment is avoided.

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