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Knowledge about the Crucible

December 12, 2022

Latest company case about Knowledge about the Crucible

The crucible is a commonly used evaporation vessel in the industrial field. It is very suitable for melting and extracting single crystals. Its service life is closely related to its usage. It is very popular in metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical industry and other industrial sectors.
1. Main purposes: evaporation, concentration or crystallization of solutions, burning of solid substances
2. Classification: It is mainly divided into three categories: graphite crucible, clay crucible and metal crucible. Graphite crucibles can be divided into three types: ordinary graphite crucibles, special-shaped graphite crucibles and high-purity graphite crucibles. Graphite crucible has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and excellent chemical stability. They are widely used in the smelting of alloy tool steel and the smelting of non-ferrous metals and their alloys, and have good technical and economic effects. The clay crucible is made of calcined hard kaolinite skeleton clinker. This clinker has a significant effect on improving the quality of crucible products and enhancing the density and mechanical strength of the crucible.
3. Precautions: Do not place the crucible on a cold metal table immediately after heating to avoid it from bursting due to rapid cooling. Do not place it on a wooden tabletop immediately to avoid scalding the tabletop or causing a fire. The correct way is to leave it on an iron tripod to cool naturally, or put it on an asbestos net to let it cool slowly.

latest company case about Knowledge about the Crucible  0latest company case about Knowledge about the Crucible  1

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