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Application of Titanium Alloy Materials In Medical Implants

July 3, 2023

Application of Titanium Alloy Materials In Medical Implants

The requirements for implant materials can be classified into three aspects: the biocompatibility of the material with the human body, the corrosion resistance of the material in the human environment and the mechanical properties of the material. Titanium is a kind of metal element with light weight, high strength and good corrosion resistance. Because of its stable chemical properties, good high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, high strength, low density, it is often called "space metal". Due to its excellent biocompatibility and elastic modulus close to human bone, it has been used for decades as an emerging biomedical material in the pharmaceutical industry, surgical instruments, human implants and other fields in China and the world, and has achieved success.

Titanium and titanium alloys can be used in the manufacture of artificial joints, bone plates and screws, and are also used in hip joints, knee joints, elbow joints, interphalangeal joints, mandibles, artificial vertebrae (spinal orthotics), pacemaker shells, artificial hearts (heart valves), artificial dental implants, and in cranial orthopedics.

Before the use of titanium, stainless steel was usually used as a bone material for medical orthopedics, but the use of stainless steel has a disadvantage, that is, it rusts, so the stainless steel piece must be removed after the bone has healed, but this is a very painful thing for the patient. After the appearance of "artificial bones", orthopedic technology has been completely improved, and stainless steel sheets have been abandoned. As long as titanium alloy materials (such as titanium sheets and titanium screws) are used where the bone is damaged, after a few months, the bone will grow again in the holes and screws of the Titanium screw, titanium plate, medical titanium rod and the titanium bone is like real bone and flesh, which plays the role of support and reinforcement.

At present, the patellar claw commonly used in hospital orthopedics is made of titanium. In the cold temperatures of the refrigerator, it can be bent into any shape. During surgery, the claw is broken and placed on the patient's cracked patella. When the body temperature increases the temperature of the patellar claw, it will grip the patella tightly and become a pre-set shape.

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