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The Difference Between Welded Titanium Tube and Seamless Titanium Tube

May 8, 2023

Latest company case about The Difference Between Welded Titanium Tube and Seamless Titanium Tube

The Difference Between Welded Titanium Tube and Seamless Titanium Tube

Titanium materials have the characteristics of low density, high specific strength, corrosion resistance, high elasticity, low damping, non-magnetic properties, and good high and low temperature performance. They are widely used in aerospace, seawater desalination, ships, chemicals, automobiles, electric power, etc. The field of national defense construction. The production cycle of seamless titanium pipe is long, the cost is high, and the yield is low, while the production process of titanium welded pipe is short, low cost and high efficiency, so vigorously developing thin-walled welded pipe has become a trend in pipe production today.

The principle and process of rolling up welded titanium tubes are the same as those of non-titanium seam tubes. But the presence of beads requires consideration of additional factors in order to determine the best and stable roll up process. Among these factors, the most important is the metallurgical quality and surface condition of the pipe. The process of welding pipes must follow the predetermined construction sequence, strictly follow the process quality management standards, and implement the quality control of the whole process. The factors of human, machine, material and method are all in a well-controlled state, and can not be polluted by harmful impurity elements, so as to ensure the welding quality of titanium tubes within a reasonable construction period.

Especially when titanium pipes are used in equipment such as heat exchangers, condensers or condensers, due to the vibration induced by the shell-side fluid, it will cause vortex, chattering, elastic excitation and acoustic resonance of different fluids. The combination of these vibrations is Severe vibrations are formed, which will continuously impact or crack the pipe, and there may be a risk of liquid leakage in the pipe. Therefore, titanium pipes are required to have very good fatigue resistance and impact resistance. Therefore, fatigue vibration tests are carried out on titanium welded pipes and titanium seamless pipes, and the fatigue times of the two pipes are counted under the same conditions to determine whether the use of welded pipes instead of seamless pipes will affect the service life of the equipment. Among them, in the case of the same expansion pressure, the welded titanium tube is more tightly combined with the expansion tooling after expansion, and the airtightness is better, and it can withstand a wider range of pressure and longer anti-vibration time. Therefore, if you consider the cost issue, choose welding Titanium tubes are more cost-effective.

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