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Application of Titanium in Civilian Living Products

April 12, 2023

Application of Titanium in Civilian Living Products

Titanium Round Bar Alloy Rod Polished Surface,Titanium Wire For Jewelry Making ISO9001 Certificate 

Titanium and titanium alloys have a series of important characteristics such as high melting point, low density, high specific strength, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and harmless, biophilic, non-magnetic, etc., and have a wide range of applications in the fields of daily necessities, medicine, construction, aerospace, navigation, etc. use. In recent years, with everyone's pursuit of high-quality life, more and more people choose to use healthier products. The daily necessities of pure titanium have also been widely praised by the market. The ingenious and beautiful design of titanium bowls, titanium chopsticks, and titanium water cups, With the advantages of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance, it has been favored by consumers. In the field of civilian products, the eight core advantages of titanium make the civilian products made of titanium the first choice for healthy life.

1. Health, titanium does not contain harmful metals and any toxic side elements, it is an ideal and healthy kitchen utensil material

2. Environmental protection, pure titanium components are harmless to the human body and will not pollute the earth and the air environment

3. Antibacterial, titanium container can inhibit bacterial growth

4. Lightweight, the density of titanium metal is lower than that of steel, the same volume and the same strength, the weight of titanium metal products is lighter than steel products

5. Anti-corrosion, titanium can remain stable in many media

6. High temperature resistance, the melting point of titanium is 1668°C, it can be used for a long time at a high temperature of 600°C without fatigue

7. Low temperature resistance, the strength of titanium will increase with the decrease of temperature

8. High specific strength, high tensile/yield strength of titanium, among metal products of the same volume, the strength of titanium products ranks first.

Titanium can also be widely used in outdoor cooking utensils and tableware due to its light weight and health characteristics. Pure titanium portable tableware is light in weight and high in strength. It is easy to carry and use in outdoor environments, and is deeply loved by camping enthusiasts. Judging from the current market situation, titanium civilian life products have made great technological improvements in the development process in recent years, and have also made leaps and bounds in style and practicality. The current titanium civilian life products need to be improved in terms of style design and product concept, and there is still a lot of room for the transition from product to commodity. This is also the direction that technology research and development and product innovation need to work on.

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