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Application of Titanium In Food Processing Industry

June 16, 2023

Application of Titanium In Food Processing Industry

Titanium and titanium alloy materials are a lready very popular in the aerospace industry, and continue to play an important role in civilian fields such as daily necessities, food and medical care.

In the field of general machinery industry, food processing equipment accounts for a large proportion, about 18%. Because it is closely related to human health, there are some special requirements for its material properties. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of the processed food fully complies with the relevant domestic and international standards, and metal ions such as corrosion are not allowed to be dissolved out. Allergic reactions and even some larger diseases occur. Next, analyze the feasibility of using titanium materials to manufacture food machinery and equipment:

1.Titanium has strong corrosion resistance and good biocompatibility. It is a reliable and safe metal material for food machinery, and there is no need to worry about microbial corrosion. Secondly, if the machine produces particles or powder due to wear and tear, it will not harm the body if people eat it. Even if it becomes an oxide such as TiO2, it is not only harmless to the human body but also beneficial, because titanium oxide is a beneficial food additive.

2. Titanium has strong corrosion resistance to high-salt substances and strong acid substances, so titanium materials can be used to manufacture devices that are in contact with such solutions, such as piping, stirring propellers, valves or hoppers. All the utensils for brewing oatmeal can be made of titanium.

3. Titanium is the main material of brewing equipment. In alcoholic products, brewing tanks are made of titanium. It takes less time for the wine brewed in pure titanium containers to reach perfection than in other containers.Our company can provide titanium and titanium alloy metal products of different grades (such as AMS4928, ASTMF136 and ASTM4911), different types (bars, plates and targets) and different alloy compositions (titanium aluminum, titanium silicon), if necessary, Welcome to contact us by email.


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