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Influence of Tungsten Alloying on Properties of Steel

February 27, 2023

Influence of Tungsten Alloying on Properties of Steel

Tungsten and molybdenum have similar physical and chemical properties, so tungsten is also one of the important additives of alloy steel, which can significantly optimize the structure and performance of steel, and then make the steel after tungsten alloying more suitable for military industry defense, aerospace, Nuclear power, transportation, medical and other fields.

The preparation methods of tungsten alloy steel include vacuum arc melting method, hot isostatic pressing process, spark plasma sintering method, microwave sintering method, 3D printing technology (electron beam melting, selective laser melting, arc additive manufacturing), etc. Different production processes can produce tungsten alloy steel with different excellent properties. For example, the vacuum arc melting method can remove impurities such as sulfur, phosphorus and oxygen; the hot isostatic pressing process can produce tungsten alloy steel with good uniformity and excellent thermodynamic properties; spark plasma sintering can quickly produce Tungsten alloy steel with high specific gravity.

Recent studies have shown that alloyed steel with tungsten added has better properties than molybdenum alloyed. Compared with steel without tungsten, steel with tungsten element has higher austenitization start temperature and end temperature, higher tensile strength, compressive strength and creep rupture strength, and better corrosion resistance , better resistance to hydrogen embrittlement. When the cooling rate is the same, the hardness of microalloyed steel increases with the increase of tungsten content; as the cooling rate increases,

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