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How to choose spot welding electrode material

December 11, 2023

Latest company news about How to choose spot welding electrode material

In resistance welding, the choice of electrode material and electrode shape of precision spot welding machine directly affects the quality of welding parts, production costs and labor productivity, so pay attention to it in production. Spot welding electrode based on spot welding precision is the most widely used, high working conditions, many kinds of precision spot welding electrode
1, chromium zirconium copper
Chromium zirconium copper is a common electrode material for resistance welding. Its excellent chemical and physical properties and good cost performance determine its performance. Chromium-zirconium copper electrode is suitable for spot welding and projection welding of carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, coated plate and other parts. Chromium-zirconium copper material is suitable for the manufacture of electrode parts, such as electrode cap, electrode connecting rod, electrode head, electrode clamp rod, projection welding special electrode, welding wheel, conductive nozzle, etc. It has the following excellent characteristics:
Excellent electrical conductivity - to ensure that the welding circuit impedance is small, to obtain excellent welding quality;
High temperature mechanical properties - high softening temperature ensures the performance and service life of electrode materials in high temperature environment;
Wear resistance - electrode is not easy to wear, prolong service life, reduce costs;
High hardness and strength - to ensure that the electrode head is not easy to deform and collapse under a certain pressure, to ensure the quality of welding;
2. Beryllium copper
Beryllium copper electrode materials have higher hardness and strength and softening temperature than chrome-zirconium copper, but their electrical conductivity is much lower. Beryllium copper electrode material is suitable for welding high pressure hard material sheet parts, such as welding wheel seam welding; It is also suitable for some electrode accessories with high strength requirements, such as crank electrode connecting rod, and has good elasticity and thermal conductivity, which is very suitable for the manufacture of nut welding chuck.
3. Copper oxide
Copper oxide, also known as dispersion reinforced copper. Compared with chrome-zirconium copper, it has excellent high temperature mechanical properties (softening temperature up to 900℃) and higher strength, and has good electrical conductivity (conductivity 80-85 IACS%), excellent wear resistance and a long service life. It is an excellent electrode material, regardless of its strength, softening temperature and conductivity are very superior, suitable for galvanized sheet, hot formed steel, high strength steel, aluminum products, high carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate and other parts of welding. However, its cost is very expensive and it cannot be widely used at present.
4. Tungsten and molybdenum
Tungsten electrode materials include pure tungsten, tungsten-based high gravity alloy and tungsten-copper alloy. Tungsten based high specific gravity alloys are sintered by adding a small amount of nickel iron or nickel copper to tungsten. Tungsten-copper composites contain 10-40 percent copper. Tungsten molybdenum electrode has high hardness, high melting point and excellent high temperature performance, suitable for copper, aluminum, nickel and other non-ferrous metals welding, such as copper braid, switch metal sheet welding, silver spot brazing.
Our company can provide various combinations of Welding Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar Rod Spot Welding Electrode. If necessary, please feel free to contact us by email.

latest company news about How to choose spot welding electrode material  0latest company news about How to choose spot welding electrode material  1

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