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Related knowledge of wire cutting processing

October 18, 2023

Latest company news about Related knowledge of wire cutting processing

Wire cutting is developed on the basis of electric spark perforation and forming processing. It uses moving metal wire (molybdenum wire, copper wire or alloy wire) as electrode wire, and relies on pulse spark discharge between the electrode wire and the workpiece to generate high temperature to melt or vaporize the metal to form a slit, thereby cutting out the parts. method. There are two types of wires commonly used for wire cutting. One is molybdenum wire, which is used for fast wire-traveling equipment. The advantage is that molybdenum wire can be reused many times; the other is copper wire, which is used for slow wire-traveling equipment. The disadvantage is that copper wire Can only be used once.

2. Classification
Wire cutting can be divided into fast wire cutting, medium wire cutting, and slow wire cutting. The wire walking speed of fast wire EDM is 6-12 m/s, and the electrode wire moves back and forth at high speed, resulting in poor cutting accuracy. Medium wire EDM is a new technology developed in recent years that realizes frequency conversion multiple cutting functions on the basis of fast wire EDM. The wire walking speed of slow wire EDM is 0.2m/s, the electrode wire moves in one direction at low speed, and the cutting accuracy is very high.

3.Related parameters
Wire cutting can only cut conductive materials, and cutting coolant is required during the cutting process, so materials that are not conductive, are afraid of water, and are afraid of being contaminated by cutting coolant, such as paper and leather, cannot be cut. The thickness of wire cutting is generally 40-60mm, and the maximum thickness can be up to 600mm. The accuracy of wire cutting processing is generally ±0.01-±0.02mm, and can reach up to ±0.004mm.
4.Application fields
Wire cutting has the advantages of high precision, high cutting efficiency, good surface finish of the finished product, and long service life. It can be widely used in mold processing, batch mechanical parts manufacturing, precision processing, and chemical equipment component processing. Mold processing can include aluminum alloy extrusion molds, punching and bending molds, injection molds, carbide die-casting molds, etc.
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