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Silver Sputtering Targets To Europe

August 9, 2022

Latest company news about Silver Sputtering Targets To Europe

In early July, we shipped silver sputtering targets to Europe. This is the first time that a European customer has ordered silver sputtering targets in our company. During the cooperation, we had a lot of discussions about the target size, and finally reached an agreement happily. European customers are very satisfied with our product quality and service attitude and are willing to cooperate with us further. In fact, not only silver sputtering targets, but also other metal products, they also showed high cooperation intentions.

Silver Sputtering targets are mainly made by powder metallurgy process,which have undergone powder hot pressing,sintering,hot isostatic pressing,vacuum coating,forging,wire cutting,polishing and other processing processes.Now the heat resistance and service life of silver alloys are mainly improved by adding some precious metals.

Due to its high electrical conductivity, high reflectivity and high wear resistance,silver sputtering targets are widely used in various fields,mainly including: automotive, aerospace,scientific research,microelectronics,optical communication,tribology,information and data storage industries,electronic and electrical industry,semiconductor,lighting,glass and coating industry and solar energy,etc.

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