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The Life Extension Methods of Molybdenum Wire

January 10, 2023

The Life Extension Methods of Molybdenum Wire

Molybdenum wire is made of precious metals such as molybdenum. It is mainly made of molybdenum rods through channel rolling, swaging and stretching into filamentous products of various diameters. Pure molybdenum wire has the advantages of high purity, good stability, low vapor pressure, good creep resistance, super high tensile strength, excellent thermal conductivity and processability, and very good corrosion resistance. It is mainly used in automobiles, aerospace,metallurgy, lighting,electronics and chemical industries,etc. Molybdenum lanthanum wire is used for wire-wound core wire glass seals, molybdenum foil strips and wire-cut high-temperature components. The method of extending the life of molybdenum wire is as follows:

1. When using new molybdenum wire, it is best to use low-energy processing parameters for cutting (to make the damage less), wait until the color of the molybdenum wire is completely white, and then switch to normal high-current cutting. Before cutting, it is best to let the molybdenum wire run dry for 5-10 minutes to release the original internal stress.

2. Keep the molybdenum wire in a ventilated and cool place with low humidity to avoid oxidation of the molybdenum wire. Poor verticality may occur if the molybdenum wire is placed for more than 6 months. Please check whether the package is deformed or damaged before use.

3. Molybdenum wire is easily deformed and broken. Do not bend the molybdenum wire when installing the wire, so as to avoid broken wire during processing.

4. The cutting fluid will turn black after a long time of use, so the cutting fluid must be replaced in time.

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