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Tungsten Carbide Mould To Canada

November 30, 2022

Latest company news about Tungsten Carbide Mould To Canada

Earlier this month, the Tungsten Carbide Mold that we sent internationally has been safely delivered to our Canadian customers. The other party is very satisfied with our product quality, price and processing technology. The size and shape can be customized, if necessary, please contact us by email. Canadian customers have customized some of our metal products before, and the two parties have established a good relationship of trust. In addition to cemented carbide products, FANMETAL can also provide tungsten alloy products, molybdenum alloy products, nickel alloy products, titanium alloy products and other non-ferrous metal products.

Tungsten carbide mould can work in a high temperature environment above 1000°C, and are mainly used for mass production of die-casting steel materials, alloy materials and parts. Due to its excellent mechanical properties, tungsten carbide molds are often used in machinery manufacturing, electronic processing, aerospace and other precision instrument industries. Compared with steel molds, tungsten carbide molds have the advantages of strong plasticity, long service life, high temperature strength, high hardness, good corrosion resistance, high impact resistance and wear resistance.

latest company news about Tungsten Carbide Mould To Canada  0latest company news about Tungsten Carbide Mould To Canada  1

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