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Zirconium Wire To Europe and USA

September 5, 2022

Latest company news about Zirconium Wire To Europe and USA

As the market demand for zirconium products is getting higher and higher, our company's high-quality zirconium products are gradually exported to various countries. At the beginning of last month, we sent zirconium wire to European and American countries, and the feedback there was also very satisfactory. They did some tests on the surface finish and tensile strength of the zirconium wire, and there is no doubt that our products passed the sampling inspection smoothly. Zirconium is actually a rare metal that is easy to form and process, and can be extruded and drawn into zirconium rods or zirconium wires.Zirconium wire basically includes all the excellent properties of zirconium, such as high melting point, high hardness and strength, good high temperature resistance, strong wear resistance, superior impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance and good chemical inertness. Zirconium wires can be used as welding wire for manufacturing other zirconium materials, and can also be used in nuclear power industry, automotive catalytic systems, electronic equipment, petrochemical equipment, anti-corrosion process equipment, metal processing tools, medical implants and surgical equipment, military industrial equipment, etc. , has a very significant cost advantage.

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