Zr702 Zirconium Plate Sheet Strip Sheets For Sale

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: jx
Certification: ASTM
Model Number: Zirconium Plate
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10kgs
Price: 100USD-200USd
Packaging Details: Standard packing
Delivery Time: 10-30days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10ton/month

Detail Information

Standards: ASTM B551 Grade: Zr1, R60702 ,R60705
Surface: Polished Density: 6.51g/cm3
Melting Point: 1852℃ Name: Zirconium Plate

Product Description

Zr702 Zirconium Plate Sheet Strip Sheets For Sale

Zirconium Plate is a chemical element with the symbol Zr and the atomic number 40. It is a lustrous, greyish-white metal which is a solid at room temperature – and at temperatures up to 1,855°C, thanks to an extremely high melting point. Zirconium is found exclusively in ore form as a naturally-occurring element in the Earth’s crust, and can be reduced to its pure form once mined. Naturally resistant to corrosion and oxidation, zirconium finds many uses across a range of industries.


How are Zirconium Plates Made?
Once zirconium has been mined and extracted, it can be manufactured into zirconium plate. Sintering is a common process used for the creation of zirconium plate, as the very high melting point of pure zirconium makes casting and forging difficult. Sintering produces a very high-quality zirconium plate, with uniform purity and dimensions throughout.

Properties of UNS R60702 Strip Prices
Standard : ASTM B551
Grade : Zr1, R60702 ,R60705
Surface : Polished
Density : 6.51g/cm3
Melting point : 1852℃
Boiling point : 4377℃
Application : Chemical processing, Aerospace, Industry, Navigation, Smelting, Chemical plants, Plate heat exchanger, and condensers, Chemical and medical equipment.
Zirconium 702 Plate Grade
Zirconium ingot, billet, slab

Zirconium plate, sheet, foil, strip, ribbon

Standards: ASTM B551, R60700, R60702, R60704, R60705, R60706, Zr2, Zr4, AMS, MIL, JIS, R60001, R60802, R60804, R60901, R60904

Size available: Thick 0.02mm Min * Wide 1200mm Max * Long 3000mm max

Zirconium plate Picture:

Zr702 Zirconium Plate Sheet Strip Sheets For Sale 0Zr702 Zirconium Plate Sheet Strip Sheets For Sale 1

Features of Zirconium Sheet
For commercial Application (Hf ≤4.5%):

UNS R60700 (Zr1): Commercially pure, Zr+Hf≥99.2
UNS R60702 (Zr3): Commercially pure, Zr+Hf≥99.2
UNS R60704 (Zirconium-Tin alloy): Zr-1.5%Sn, Zr+Hf≥97.5
UNS R60705 (Zr5, Zirconium-Niobium alloy): Zr-2.5%Nb, Zr+Hf≥95.5, O≤0.18
UNS R60706 (Zirconium-Niobium alloy): Zr-2.5%Nb, Zr+Hf≥95.5, O≤0.16

For Nuclear Industry (Reactor grade, Hf ≤ 0.01%)

UNS R60001 (Zr0):
UNS R60802 (Zr2, Zircaloy2, Zirconium-Tin alloy): Zr-1.5Sn-0.15Fe-0.1Cr-0.05Ni
UNS R60804 (Zr4, Zircaloy4, Zirconium-Tin alloy): Zr-1.5Sn-0.2Fe-0.1Cr
UNS R60901 (Zirconium-Niobium alloy): Zr-2.5Nb, O-0.1%
UNS R60904 (Zirconium-Niobium alloy): Zr-2.5Nb
Zr-1Nb (Zr-1%Nb alloy)



Specifications Of Zirconium Plate

Material Zr702, Zr704, Zr705
Thickness 0.5~50mm, or 0.02"~2"
Width <1000mm>
Length <2000mm>

Composition of our Zirconium materials

  Zr 702 Zr 704 Zr 705 Zircaloy-2 Zircaloy-4
Sn / 1~2% 1~2% 1.2~1.7% 1.2~1.7%
Fe <0> 0.1~0.2% <0> 0.07~0.2% 0.07~0.2%
Cr <0> 0.1~0.2% <0> 0.05~0.15% 0.05~0.15%
Ni / / / 0.03~0.08% <0>
Hf 1~2.5% <4> <4>    
Nb / / 2~3%    
Zn+Hf ~99.5% ~97.5% ~95.5% ~98% ~98%

Physical Properties

Material State Rm(≥)/MPa Rp0.2(Pa A50mm(≥)/%

Zirconium 702

(UNS R60702)

annealed 379 207 16

Zirconium 704

(UNS R60704)

annealed 413 241 14

Zirconium 705

(UNS R60705)

annealed 552 379 16


Where is Zirconium Found?
Zirconium is found in ore form in the Earth’s crust, usually in the form of zircon, its most plentiful ore, and is mined across the world. The main producers of zircon are Australia and South Africa, with economically-significant quantities also coming from Brazil, Russia, India and the USA, among a few other nations.

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