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Tungsten Machined Parts To Europe

November 21, 2022

Latest company news about Tungsten Machined Parts To Europe

At the beginning of October, we delivered tungsten processed parts to European customers smoothly and safely by air. The other party gave good comments on our product quality, shape, size and specifications. Our delivery time is about 20 days, and the products have all passed the quality inspection. They are willing to continue to maintain good cooperation with us. Regarding the provision of samples or spot goods, you can contact us by email. We will provide customers with high-quality products at the most cost-effective price.

The service temperature of tungsten processed parts can reach 2400℃, with low coefficient of thermal expansion, high strength and high hardness, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, good anti-adhesion performance, excellent resistance to electrical corrosion, wear resistance and mechanical resistance Abrasiveness and other advantages. They are often used as electrodes in the industrial field, automotive processing parts, missile components and counterweights, heating elements and refractory parts, etc. Its good radiation shielding performance can also make it used as an ion implanter in the integrated circuit and semiconductor industries.

latest company news about Tungsten Machined Parts To Europe  0latest company news about Tungsten Machined Parts To Europe  1

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