Elkonite Tungsten Copper Alloy Rwma Class 10 Class 11 Class 12 For Resistance Welding

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JINXING
Certification: ISO 9001
Model Number: Elkonite tungsten Copper
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 5KGS
Price: 30~100USD/kg
Packaging Details: Plywood Case
Delivery Time: 25 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 10000kgs/M

Detail Information

Material: Elkonite Tungsten Copper Type: RWMA Class 10,Class 11, Class 12
Content: W75, W85, W80, W55, W65, W90 Dimensions: Customized
Density: 12.2~17g/cm3 Surface: Polished And Grinding
Application: Resistance Welding , Spot Welding Grade: 1W3, 3W3 , 5W3, 10W3 , 30W3 ,3W53,10W53
High Light:

Tungsten Copper Alloy Rwma


Tungsten Copper Alloy Class 10


Tungsten Copper Alloy For Resistance Welding

Product Description

Elkonite tungsten Copper

Electrodes RWMA Class 10,Class 11, Class 12 Welding


What is Elkonite?
Our Tungsten Copper Elkonite® alloys are commonly used in electrical & electrical/thermal applications. They are used for facing and inserts for flash and butt welding dies, projection welding electrodes, seam welding bearing inserts, facing for electro-forming & electro-forging dies, and EDM electrodes.

Although they are somewhat more difficult to machine, Tungsten Carbide Copper materials (TC materials) provide high mechanical properties and excellent resistance to erosion. They are commonly used in oil devices to protect the contact from oxidation.


JINXING MATECH adopts isostatic pressing-high temperature sintering tungsten skeleton-copper infiltration process to produce various large and special-shaped parts with a copper content of 6-90%. The product has high purity, uniform structure and excellent performance. It can produce various sheets, rods, pipes, plates and small-sized products with complex shapes by compression molding, extrusion molding, and injection molding.


ELKONITE® 1W3 and 3W3 alloys are generally used for flash and butt welding die inserts where higher electrical and thermal conductivity is necessary and where a degree of malleability is desirable. These materials are also used for spot welding (as a radius faced electrode) low conductivity ferrous metals such as stainless steel.
ELKONITE® 5W3 and TC5 alloys are normally used for light duty projection welding dies where welding pressures are not extreme.

ELKONITE® 10W3 alloy is used for electrode and die inserts in most flash and butt welding dies and for projection welding dies where welding pressures are moderate. It is also used for light electrical upsetting, electroforging dies and seam welder bushing inserts.

ELKONITE® 30W3 and TC10 alloys are recommended for volume projection welding dies where the pressures involved are relatively high. Electrical upsetting of non-ferrous metals and low carbon steel is usually accomplished by the use of such ELKONITE® materials as die facings. Cross-wire weld- ing of large, diameter wire and rod is accomplished with such ELKONITE® materials.

ELKONITE® 3W53 and 10W53 are heat treatable grades of ELKONITE® materials supplied in the fully heat treated con- dition. If silver brazed to a die backing, such ELKONITE® materials should be heat treated after brazing. These harder grades are used primarily for electroforging and electrical upsetting dies, where temperatures and pressures are com- paratively high.


ELKONITE® TC20 and TC53 materials are extremely hard and wear resistant. ELKONITE® TC20 material, while some- what difficult to machine, may be machined using carbide tipped tools. ELKONITE® TC53 material is a heat treatable grade of such high hardness that machining operations are impractical and the material must be ground. Such ELKONITE® materials are customarily used for special applications of electrical upsetting and electroforging.


ELKON® 100W is extremely hard and its ductility is rela- tively low. It cannot be machined but may be ground to the required shape. It does not alloy appreciably with nonferrous materials and is used for cross-wire welding of metals such as copper and brass. It is also used for electrobrazing electrode material and for some electrical upsetting operations.


ELKON® 100M is used principally for electrobrazing elec- trode material and for cross-wire welding of nonferrous met- als. It is not as hard as ELKON® 100W material and may be machined or drilled to fit the parts to be joined. A typical application of this material, as an electrode, is the welding or brazing of braided or solid copper conductors to ferrous or nonferrous terminals, lugs or fittings.


ANVILOY® 1150 material is used in electrobrazing appli- cations where heat balance is important. The ANVILOY® 1150 material also has good anti-sticking qualities and good high temperature abrasion and hardness properties. The oxidation resistance of both materials is excellent up to 1100oF.


Composites Nominal Composition
(% Weight)
(g/cm3, ≥)
Electrical Resistivity
(20°C, µΩ·cm, ≤)
Electrical conductivity
(IACS%, ≥)
Brinell Hardness
Bending Strength
MPa Kgf/mm2 MPa Kgf/mm2
CuW50 50% Copper
50% Tungsten
11.85 3.2 54 1128 115 --- ---
CuW55 45% Copper
55% Tungsten
12.3 3.5 49 1226 125 --- ---
CuW60 40% Copper
60% Tungsten
12.75 3.7 47 1373 140 --- ---
CuW65 35% Copper
65% Tungsten
13.3 3.9 44 1520 155 --- ---
CuW70 30% Copper
70% Tungsten
13.8 4.1 42 1716 175 667 68
CuW75 25% Copper
75% Tungsten
14.5 4.5 38 1912 195 706 72
CuW80 20% Copper
80% Tungsten
15.15 5.0 34 2158 220 736 75
CuW85 15% Copper
85% Tungsten
15.9 5.7 30 2354 240 765 78
CuW90 10% Copper
90% Tungsten
16.75 6.5 27 2550 260 804 82



Elkonite Tungsten Copper Alloy Rwma Class 10 Class 11 Class 12 For Resistance Welding 0



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