Titanium Aluminum TiAl Rod For Targets HIP Process

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Model Number: TiAl Rod For Targets
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Purity: Al-Ti (35/65at%), Al/Ti (50:50 At%) Shape: Discs, Plate, Step
Certification: ISO 9001:2008 Specification: Customized As Request
Process: HIP Name: TiAl Rod For Targets
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TiAl Rod For Targets


Titanium Aluminum TiAl Rod


HIP TiAl Rod

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TiAl Rod For Targets

TiAl Rod For Targets Metal target refers to the target material used in high-speed energetic particle bombardment. And by changing different target materials (such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, nickel targets, etc.), you can get different film systems (such as super-hard, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion alloy film, etc.). With the development of the times, more and more new materials appear in the large family of target materials also ushered in a new member-titanium aluminum alloy target. The titanium aluminum alloy target is both a target made of titanium aluminum alloy as a raw material. In general, it is silvery white and has many advantages such as high strength and high melting point. So what is the production method of titanium aluminum alloy target? Today Jinxing will give you a little explanation.

One, strong current heating method

This is a method of producing titanium-aluminum alloy targets  through high-intensity current. A device that can obtain large currents is used to heat the titanium powder and aluminum powder with high current, and apply pressure to make aluminum and titanium react to form titanium-aluminum alloy. Target. The density of the titanium aluminum alloy target product prepared by this method is> 99%, the grain size is ≤ 100 μm, and the purity is> 99%. The composition range of the titanium aluminum alloy target material is: the titanium content is 5% to 75% (atomic ratio), and the rest is aluminum content. The method has low cost and high product density, and can fully meet the requirements of large-scale industrial production.

The preparation method requires a device that can obtain large currents. The positive and negative electrodes in the device need to have conductivity and pressure transmission functions, and should have good conductivity, toughness, and high temperature softening resistance. Therefore, whether a high-current device that meets the process requirements and has stable performance is the key to the preparation method.

2. Traditional production methods

There are two traditional preparation methods. One is to first use the casting method to make the ingot, and then to make the target during the forging process; the other is to make the titanium-aluminum alloy target by spray molding. Usually each target manufacturer adopts these two traditional production methods.

In the process of making aluminum alloy sputtering targets using casting and forging methods, the addition of alloying elements is an important step that often causes segregation of aluminum alloy targets, resulting in poor sputtering film quality. , And the surface of the sputtering target is prone to produce micro-particles, which affects the uniformity of the film properties. Although the titanium-aluminum alloy target made by spray molding can avoid the above-mentioned situations, it will greatly increase the production cost of the target, especially in the production of some that are not easy to be forged and must use hot equalization. In the case of targets, the cost will also increase due to the increase in the use of heat equalization.

Three, hot isostatic pressing sintering method

Titanium Aluminum Alloy target/Ti-Al target Ti: Al 33:67%
Ti Al Fe Si Mg Cl C Mn O N
46.30 53.20 0.075 0.066 0.030 0.013 0.016 0.008 0.095 0.003

TiAl Rod For Targets Picture:

Titanium Aluminum TiAl Rod For Targets HIP Process 0

Titanium Aluminum TiAl Rod For Targets HIP Process 1

Titanium Aluminum Target
The hot isostatic pressing sintering method belongs to the powder metallurgy production method. This method is to mix titanium powder and aluminum powder, and then perform hot isostatic pressing after powder loading, cold isostatic pressing pre-compression, and degassing process. Sintering and processing are performed to obtain a titanium aluminum alloy target.

Hot isostatic pressing method is the main method for preparing titanium aluminum alloy sputtering targets required by the coating industry at present. The target product prepared by this method has high density and a wide range of size specifications. However, this method requires the use of a key pressing and sintering equipment, a hot isostatic pressing sintering furnace, which is expensive, which leads to the high cost of the prepared target product, and it is difficult to commercialize it.

Fourth, air spray powder production method

In addition to the above-mentioned methods for making titanium-aluminum alloy targets, the editor of Jinxing today popularizes a simple and low-cost production method-the production of titanium-aluminum alloy targets with gas spray powder.

1. Main principles

The main principle of the air-jet powder method is to use the air-jet method to produce the raw material powder of the target according to the composition ratio of the alloy; then the alloy powder is sieved to obtain the appropriate powder particle size; and then the obtained powder is used for processing Vacuum hot press to make it into a target material.

2, main advantages

The advantage of this production method is that it can be used to produce a variety of different aluminum alloy targets such as aluminum, chromium; aluminum, silicon, copper; aluminum, titanium; and so on. Secondly, this method can avoid the shortcomings of material segregation and microparticles, and can produce titanium-aluminum alloy targets of higher quality faster and more economically.

3, production steps

The manufacturing steps of this method are as follows: firstly provide the metal raw materials for the aluminum alloy target; then melt the metal raw materials into a metal solution; then use the gas spray method to make the metal solution into a metal powder; then, heat the metal in a vacuum The metal powder is pressed into a target by pressing, and an inert gas is used as a protective gas.

Five, hot pressing sintering method

Hot pressing sintering method sinters the titanium aluminum powder under the combined action of heat and force, and uses the low melting point of aluminum in the Ti-Al mixture to bond the titanium powder together to form an alloy sputtering target. This process has high requirements for equipment, and the key equipment is the hot-pressing sintering furnace. The prepared targets are mainly round alloy targets with a diameter of ≤100mm. In addition, this process has problems of difficulty in demolding and low mold service life when preparing titanium-aluminum alloy targets with high aluminum content. Each target preparation process consumes a set of molds, which increases the cost of target production. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable release agent to improve the yield and the utilization rate of the mold.




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