Customized Tungsten Alloy Products Premium Tungsten Alloy Bars

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Place of Origin: China
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Model Number: Customized Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar Buy Premium Tungsten Alloy Bars
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Minimum Order Quantity: 10kgs
Price: according to actual products
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Delivery Time: 25days
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Supply Ability: 300kgs month

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Size: As Request Shape: As Request
Quantity: As Request Delivery Time: 25days
Packing: Standard Exporting NameCustomized Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar Buy Premium Tungsten Alloy Bars: Customized Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar Buy Premium Tungsten Alloy Bars
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Customized Tungsten Alloy Products


Customized Tungsten Alloy Bars


Premium Tungsten Alloy Bars

Product Description

Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar Buy Premium Tungsten Alloy Bars


Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar combines the advantages of copper and tungsten, high strength / high specific gravity / high temperature resistance / arc ablation resistance / good conductivity / good processability. Ang tungsten copper alloy adopts high-quality tungsten powder and oxygen-free copper powder, and applies isostatic pressing - (high-temperature sintering) - copper infiltration to ensure product purity and accurate ratio, fine structure and excellent performance. The copper tungsten of our company is a domestic high-quality tungsten copper alloy material, which is very suitable for high hardness materials and sheet electrode EDM. The surface finish of EDM products is high, the precision is high, and the loss is low, which can effectively save electrode materials, improve the EDM speed and improve the die accuracy. It can also be used as spot welding / touch welding electrode. Tungsten copper is welded with die steel, which is very convenient for the use of electrode.

Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar are mainly used in:


1. Electrode material: it is applied to discharge machining of high hardness materials and Pu sheet electrodes. The machined products have high surface finish, high precision, low loss and effective saving.

2. Contact material: arc contact and vacuum contact of high and medium voltage switch or circuit breaker, circuit board welding and electrical contact point.

3. Welding materials: submerged arc welding machine, gas shielded welding machine, welding nozzle, radio resistance factory (production of carbon film resistance, metal coating resistance) resistance butt welding machine collision welding materials (copper tungsten alloy welding disc).

4. Guide and guard materials: various wire rod rolled steel, used for guiding and protecting materials [1].

Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar Picture:

Customized Tungsten Alloy Products Premium Tungsten Alloy Bars 0Customized Tungsten Alloy Products Premium Tungsten Alloy Bars 1

Electrical materials

Tungsten copper alloy electrical materials: mainly divided into electrical contact materials and electrical processing materials.

(1) Electrical contact materials. This is the most important kind of electrical materials. They have high arc ablation resistance and fusion welding resistance. They are used as electrical contacts, electrical contacts and electrodes in various high and low voltage switchgear and some instruments. Electrical contacts are the category with the largest application of tungsten copper materials, especially tungsten copper materials with copper content of 20% ~ 40%. They are mainly used in switching appliances with medium and high voltage and medium and high current, such as protective circuit breaker contacts and other contacts and contacts of power transmission network. Tungsten copper contacts containing 15% ~ 20% Cu can be used on circuit breakers with voltages up to 500000 V or higher.

(2) Electrical processing materials. It refers to the electrode and die materials used in resistance welding, electric riveting, electric upsetting and EDM. EDM requires that electrode or die materials have good conductivity and arc ablation resistance to ensure machining accuracy, so tungsten copper materials are mostly used. Resistance welding also uses tungsten copper materials. Electric riveting and electric upsetting also use tungsten copper materials in some cases.

Instantaneous high temperature material

Instantaneous high temperature material is an important and special tungsten copper material, which can be used at temperatures close to and slightly higher than the tungsten melting point. The working time is very short, and the mission can be completed in a few seconds to 200 seconds, so it is called instantaneous high temperature material. This kind of material is mainly used to manufacture high-temperature components of spacecraft, such as rocket nozzle, gas rudder guiding missile flight direction, missile end (head cone, nose cone) and other components. Ablation resistance and thermal shock resistance are the most important performance of instantaneous high temperature materials, because the gas temperature of solid fuel is generally as high as 2700 ~ 3300 ℃, and the gas flow contains a large number of solid particles, which has a serious scouring and ablation effect on nozzle, gas rudder and other components; Moreover, these components work under the condition of rapid temperature rise (rising to the working temperature in a few seconds), so they produce intense thermal shock damage to the components. For the terminal, when the aircraft flies into space and then enters the atmosphere, it is subjected to intense friction by particle clouds due to its high speed, resulting in high temperature and erosion. Tungsten copper material is a good material that can meet the above requirements.

With the successful development of carbon carbon (C-C) fiber composite, it is more and more used to manufacture rocket nozzle throat lining because of its light weight and good thermal shock resistance. However, its ablation resistance is far inferior to that of tungsten copper materials. Tungsten based materials are still needed for nozzle throat lining, gas rudder and other parts that require high ablation resistance.

Armor breaking material

Tungsten copper material can be used as armor breaking material, that is, a so-called "shaped charge" material. A cup-shaped or funnel-shaped cover made of tungsten copper material (commonly used w-30cu material) is inversely installed at the front end of the ammunition Jane. The cover is transformed into a jet by the temperature and pressure of gunpowder. This liner was first made of red copper and was widely used. In order to increase the unit mass of the cover and improve the armor breaking ability, a tungsten cutter shaped charge cover with a unit mass larger than that of red copper was later developed. Under ideal conditions, it can improve the armor breaking ability by about 30% compared with that of red copper cover.



Specifications of Tungsten Copper Alloy Bar Buy Premium Tungsten Alloy Bars:

Code No. Chemical Composition % Mechanical properties
CU Impurity W Density (g/cm3 ) Hardness HB RES( cm) Conductivity IACS/ % TRS/ Mpa
CuW(50) 50±2.0 0.5 Balance 11.85 115 3.2 54  
CuW(55) 45± 2.0 0.5 Balance 12.30 125 3.5 49  
CuW(60) 40±2.0 0.5 Balance 12.75 140 3.7 47  
CuW(65) 35±2.0 0.5 Balance 13.30 155 3.9 44  
CuW(70) 30±2.0 0.5 Balance 13.80 175 4.1 42 790
CuW(75) 25±2.0 0.5 Balance 14.50 195 4.5 38 885
CuW(80) 20±2.0 0.5 Balance 15.15 220 5.0 34 980
CuW(85) 15±2.0 0.5 Balance 15.90 240 5.7 30 1080
CuW(90) 10±2.0 0.5 Balance 16.75 260 6.5 27 1160

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